Malaya and the Sock Monkeys

Malaya and the Sock Monkeys by Hazel de Mesa and J.E.Moores

We have a massive collection of sock monkeys. In the mid-2000’s they sat in the wild of our bookshelf in Alameda, California, hooting and hollering for attention, multiplying as well-meaning friends kept adding to the menagerie. We had to do something. They were out of control.

So we picked out 5 of the best ones (plus Bobo the Bush Boy, who isn’t a sock monkey but is made of a sock, and so was cast as the villain) to co-star with our then little 18-month-old darling in this story about the sock monkeys and their appetite for jelly beans. J.E.Moores wrote it. I photographed. We put together this fantastic hardcover storybook: Malaya and the Sock Monkeys.

My daughter loves this book. On more than one occasion she has taken it to school for show-and-tell. Her friends love it too. I guess there is something about the imaginary lives of toys that hits every child’s heart.

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