Saboosa’s Burp

Saboosa's Burp

Saboosa’s Burp is a multimedia family project that started out as a story my daughter told me late at night when she was 3 years old and stalling sleep. She’s rather clever at coming up with ways to stay up past her bedtime.

The story inspired Jay to draw and sculpt the characters (under our daughter, Malaya‘s supervision, of course). Later on I wrote it out as well as I can remember it, Jay illustrated, and we self-published the book, Saboosa’s Burp.

Soon after we recorded our voices reading the book. I narrated, Jay played Saboosa, and 3-year-old Malaya played Saboosa’s little brother and the fairy, Bell. Jay made a flash animation to our audio recording to complete the project.

Gather up your kids and watch as Saboosa’s jealous little brother captures Saboosa’s Burp in a box. Find out how they will free the burp in Saboosa’s Burp.

Order the book, Saboosa’s Burp.