Super Spy Chick

Super Spy Chick began when J.E.Moores was offered a studio space at Alameda Point in California. It was allegedly used previously by The Matrix in filming and post-production. A retired Naval Air Station, Alameda Point still had many large industrial spaces that became the backdrop of our improvised web series about conspiracies and cloning.

Super Spy ChickThis was in 2003, pre-YouTube. I set up a Greymatter blog and we posted short Quicktime MOVs which we hosted ourselves. Within a few months, we were surprised by over 100,000 views of our videos. Apparently, Yahoo Japan featured Super Spy Chick and brought us our first taste of viral fame.

As the year drew to a close, we wrapped up the episodes into a 45-minute movie, with fun music video extras.

The following year I was pregnant. We shot what we thought was the beginning of Super Spy Chick part 2, which included ultrasound footage of my beloved fetus, who can rightfully claim that she’s been acting even before she was born.

Alas, the short remained a short. It would be several years before Dr. Grumbles and Nurse Betty would be seen again in the spin-off Time Brats.

Super Spy Chick has been hailed by critics as “so bad, it’s good.”