Time Brats

Time Brats is a sci-fi fantasy web series posted on YouTube. It’s about the time traveling adventures of a little girl and her dog. Each episode contains original music recorded exclusively for the movie.

The project began as a way to keep my daughter entertained during a time of turmoil. At the end of 2011 we lost our beautiful home on Pedro Point in Pacifica, California to mold. It made the whole family so ill that we had to quickly move out and stay at a local hotel. My aunt let us stay in her home for Christmas. After that my mother invited us to live in my old childhood home in the Philippines, where we stayed for three months. Time Brats kept our spirits strong through the year when we were homeless and had no direction. It gave us a medium with which to bond with the friends we made during that time in limbo.

It was also a fantastic way to teach my then-7-year-old daughter the craft of moviemaking. She was hands-on part of everything, from pre- to post-production. It’s a language she became fluent with and is of great use to her now that she is making her own YouTube videos.

Pretty soon we decided to move to Maine. We had spent a year in Maine and have many fond memories of that time. We drove cross country from California to Maine (and shot Time Brats episode #5 while we were at it).

As soon as we settled into our home in an old farmhouse in Camden, Maine, one of the first things we did was shoot Time Brats #6. New in town, we put a notice out to our neighbors to be part of our project. We attracted just the right kind of fun creative weirdos who are now our dearest friends. Once you’re a Time Brat, you’re a friend forever.