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Hulda Clark Responsive Website Design for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
Hulda Clark was an author and independent scientist who pioneered public awareness of parasitism in our global society, confronted industry regarding the use of toxic chemicals in mass production, and innovated an electronic frequency therapy device, popularly called the Hulda Clark Zapper. was created to meet the worldwide demand for information on the work of Hulda Clark and her recommended products.

Natural Health Supply responsive web design for desktop, laptop, and mobile e-commerce shopping cart.
Natural Health Supply was created to serve as the e-commerce provider of Hulda Clark’s recommended products: health devices, nutritional supplements, and other lifestyle items recommended in Hulda Clark’s books. Clean white background, uncluttered presentation, large font, and easy navigation between pages make this website a pleasant and relaxing experience, especially for viewers seeking relief from health problems. Large crisp close-up photos of the products allow prospective customers an almost-sensory experience of the items.

Social Media

Informational websites and social media engagement are essential to facilitate education about this new paradigm in health care: the use of electricity and frequency for healing, more recently coined as electroceuticals. To normalize the use of the Hulda Clark Zapper, social media campaign is a combination of the following:

  • news articles from mainstream sources featuring the growing use of electroceuticals and establishing Hulda Clark as a pioneer
  • excerpts from Hulda Clark’s books to facilitate education about Hulda Clark’s body of work
  • photos of people zapping with hashtag #amzapping

Videos were also employed to educate and engage viewers looking for education on the topic.

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