More Websites

Roselyn Thai brings the Rockland, Maine restaurant menu online.

I came into the project after the restaurant owners lost control of their previous website. I obtained a shorter and more concise domain name for them, hosted and built them a simple 5-page website starting with a large close-up photo of one of the many mouthwatering dishes on the menu to entice prospective diners. Desktop and mobile-friendly, it puts lunch menu, dinner menu, restaurant hours, location, map, directions, and contact information at the customers’ fingertips. Social media channels were updated with the new domain and links on website provide reviews and recommendations from fellow diners.

Search engine optimization was critical to the success of this website. Within a month, Roselyn Thai had eclipsed the previous website in Google ranking. Within three months, the previous website had lost its listing on Google.

Pleasant Care is a large-scale business card website for a chain of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living nursing homes for the elderly in California and Nevada. Each location has a photo of the front of the building, address, telephone number, link to a map, and is optimized to show up in search engine results based on locale. The website serves two purposes: to provide information on services offered to help prospective residents and family members make the leap with peace of mind; and to facilitate staff recruitment. An email system for use by employees and residents of the nursing homes keeps the Pleasant Care community connected to the world at large.